How does the service work? Cost?

We compile the information and data daily and email it back to you via a CSV file or a printed version. The cost is $75/90 days if you pay 3 months in advance or $30 a month if you pay month to month. If you’d like to pay more will certainly take it!

Where do you get the leads from?

We’ve been doing this for 15 years we know where to get the leads from(Plus it’s a big secret!). We can add any new “source” within 24 hours if you have a secret source we don’t cover.  Also, if another service tells you they’re driving around searching for Fsbo’s and gets the ones not advertised…it’s….well…you know…not True!

Can I pay by check?

No we don’t like checks because they take too long to process and we don’t like it when they bounce either!

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yep you can cancel anytime, but remember we don’t refund any unused portion of the service.  I.E.  if you cancel on day 45 of a 90 day service, we’ll stop your credit card charges and you’ll still receive the service until your 90 days is up. Super Easy Breezy!

What results can I expect?

You should expect to get 4-6 listings or sales a year depending on your skill level and how consistent your lead follow up is. If you can’t convince 4-6 for sale by owners to list with you… you may want to consider getting a haircut or taking a shower more than once a week!

Will you provide training/scripts?

Yes we provide training and scripts on our Facebook Page.Look under the “files” section for downloads.

Will you try and sell me more stuff I don’t need?

When you call in and talk to one of our staff it’s me.  I’m the owner so I’m not going to try to upsell you on stuff you don’t need unless you just want to spend more money. If so, then I’ll find something to sell you!

How many other agents are getting the same info as me?

We are average maybe two or three other agents in every county across the nation. Our clients tell us on average they “work” the leads we give them 1x a week.  Get good at knowing what to say, handling objections and having a great listing presentation for Fsbo’s.  Then there is absolutely no competition!

Can you fax it?

This is a FADQ – No we don’t fax any information. It’s 2016, get with the program & trade in your Blackberry!

Are there any repeat or duplicate ads/lead?

Is no repeat or duplicate ads.  We manage and track all leads by phone numbers so u won’t ever get the same ad twice. If you find a duplicate ad, let me know…I’ll eat a bug sandwich and post it on FB!

What time can I expect the lead to come each day?

The leads are emailed to you usually before 7am, 7 days a week.  Or, it depends on what time I get out of bed and manually send the leads… just kidding, they are sent automatically!

What about the DNCL? Can I still call them?

You are calling people that have their house for sale.  Be courteous and professional!  Remember, your not calling to sell them anything… you’re calling about their home and wanting to come see/preview the house. *See First Call to Fsbo Script on FB page*

FADQ’s - Frequently Asked Dumb Questions?

There’s too many for me to post here!  There is 1 above and I’ll post more when they come in!  Or, if you have a really good dumb question please send it so I can  post for everyone else to see!  Thanks!

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